Jeff Pittman Newsletter - January 24, 2017

Hello from Topeka! 

From parades, to conversations on the campaign trail and dozens of volunteers giving time, talent and treasure, our 2016 JP.jpgcampaign for the Kansas House was a smashing  success. Thank you for your support.

I will never forget the work you did to make this moment possible. But, as we always knew, that was the easy part. Now comes the hard work of fixing deep problems in the Kansas government and moving beyond Gov. Brownback's failures. 

I want to hear your input all along the way. If there's a piece of legislation that concerns you, or you have an idea to help things work better, I want to hear it. To make contact much easier, I'm proud to announce I've launched a refresh of Every page has been refreshed to focus on better interacting with constituents.

I'm proud to be representing you in Topeka. One of the great aspects of this opportunity is the chance to serve on legislative committees that focus on specific areas of need. To do my part, I am serving on the following committees on your behalf:

  • Agriculture -  I joined this committee to broaden my understanding of one of the biggest contributors to our state economy.
  • Government Security and Technology - I wanted to leverage my expertise in this area to help make Kansas more efficient with this vital infrastructure spread across our state agencies. More importantly, security and all its form is exponentially more important today than ever.
  • Transportation - With infrastructure and access to Leavenworth a key factor in our economic development, I wanted to make sure we have a voice on this important committee.
  • Veterans and Military -  It was vital to get on this committee to represent Leavenworth's vested interest in our military and veterans. 
I'm especially thrilled that Leavenworth veterans and military families will have our voices heard in Topeka. As I mentioned, if you have specific ideas on issues affecting these committees, I want to hear it. My door is always open for you.

Speaking of that, I want it to be easier than ever to reach me in Topeka. Click here to see information about how to reach me (and visit) while the House is in session. I'd love to see you.

As during the campaign, we're working hard to keep in touch with the daily goings on from Leavenworth and the Legislature. Click here to check out our new blog with our latest information:
This is especially for the teachers, parents and grandparents of Leavenworth: do you know a special kid who wants to be a page for a day in Topeka? Click here to contact me and we can get that set up. 

Again, I am so grateful for your support, and I look forward to continuing this journey during the session and beyond. Be sure to check out my new revamped website at and use all of the constituent service links, news and updates you find relevant.

Now, it's back to work. Keep an eye out for my next email; I'll be addressing more on the state budget in my next newsletter. Talk again soon.

For Leavenworth,

Rep. Jeff Pittman