School funding concerns

Jim Porter's guest column in the May 12 Leavenworth Times was an eye opener about the three ways Gov. Brownback and the Legislature have been using deceptive means to fool Kansas residents about K-12 funding.

I was aware of the KPERS caper that sent funds meant for retired state employees briefly to school districts to appear to be increased funding to the district, but not really. Mr. Porter revealed funds intended for special-ed co-ops now go to the districts instead, again to deceive the public in thinking that more funding is going into K-12 districts.

He then discussed the state heist of county property taxes intended to go directly to the school districts in that county. Funds now go first to the state of Kansas, then on to the districts, again to look like more increased funding from the state.

What lying, deceitful, underhanded, shameful behavior by our elected officials. Sen. Fitzgerald and Reps. Barton, Bradford, Dove and O'Brien: If you knew about any of this and went along with the deceptions, you should resign from your offices. If you claim you didn't know anything about this, you are incompetent and should resign for that reason.