Statehouse Update - January 23, 2017

In the security and technology committee today, I went into executive session. This is very rare at the Capitol; it's only done whenCyberSecurity.jpg the topics represent a threat to government or Kansans' security. We were briefed on security audits that had been conducted across state agencies. There is a dire need for Kansas to protect itself against cyber threats, yet agencies are woefully unprepared. The committee is trying to leverage the work done by various committees over the past couple years to come up with a plan for the state.

As a new committee, I see the security scope of the committee potentially being:
- Internally focused: On the 100 or so state departments/agencies that need to protect personal data of citizens.
- Cooperatively focused: Federal functions are actively detecting and fighting a cyber war and the state needs to be a working partner.
- Externally focused on businesses/organizations: There need to be laws in place focused on organization to ensure our citizens' data is protected.
And focusing on:
- Educating our citizenry: I'd like to see a focus on educating Kansans to prevent things like identity theft.
- Identity theft: it causes huge losses for businesses and citizens. We need to have remedies and proactive threat protection in place. 
- Physical security: As we look at terrorism threats from abroad and domestically, we need to review standards and response.
- Election protection: We must be vigilant that nefarious entities are not unduly influencing our democracy through technical hack. There are more aspects that I could go into, but for now our first step is to get our house in order at the state level.