The End of the Brownback Tax Experiment?

On Thursday, February 16, I took a major step towards keeping my promise to the people of Leavenworth and stood up proudly for you against Sam Brownback.

I am proud to have cast a vote in favor of a bill that begins to repeal the disastrous Brownback tax "experiment."

HB 2178 is a bipartisan effort produced by common sense Republicans and Democrats that sets into motion what is needed to restore sanity back to the Kansas Legislature. It protects our local governments by holding the state accountable for its actions.

The legislation will end the irresponsible Brownback leadership that takes away local control from our school districts, county commissions, and city government. It ends the tyranny of forcing school districts to make decisions that hurt our children and teachers. It helps to end restrictions that coerce county commissions to provide more with less. It will end driving city governments to make cuts by forcing them to raise sales taxes, property taxes, fire employees, or worse.

In short, it is the beginning of bringing common sense back to Kansas.

Opponents of the bill are the Brownback rubber stampers. They are the ones that believe that the rich shouldn't have to pay their fair share. They claim that this is the largest tax increase in state history.

This is simply not true - Sam Brownback still has that distinction.

HB 2178 will allow local and county governments to lower property, sales, and other taxes. This will result in a lower bottom line in the taxes that you, as Kansans, will pay. This allows for our local government to take back local control without hurting your bottom line.

In the last election, I heard your voices: stand up against Sam Brownback and his allies in Topeka. Today, I am proud to report that I have done just that.

House Bill 2178 will now head to the Senate where the Senate's Tax Committee will consider the legislation. There is great hope in the Capitol that the Senate will give serious consideration to the House's bipartisan tax fix. 

Times are difficult in Topeka, and the challenges are real. There are always issues that might not be popular with everyone. Today, however, was one of those days where we made real progress towards helping all Kansans.